The Tecnotasca firm operates in the field of the stamping technical articles in rubber from more than 30 years, during which it continued to equip itself with machinery more and more to the vanguard for being able to answer to the demands for the own customers and to offer high-quality products maintaining a competitive price.

We are in a position to realizing particulars in rubber with all the types of "mescole" (NBR, EPDM, HNBR, VITON, SBR, silicone, natural etc)


with hardnesses from 35 sha to 95 sha in the several demanded colorations it is of the realization of the equipments (stamps) thanks to the partnership with companies of the field with which we operate from many years.

We have injection and compression press until 300 tons controlled from PLC in order obtaining one from beginning to end always constant production.